Brian May tears up after watching childhood dream come true ‘I’m a bit emotional’ – WATCH | Music | Entertainment

Brian May has remastered his 1998 solo album Another World and launched the record from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. sat back in the planetarium and looked up at what became a starry sky as a mysterious child’s voice guided the audience through the cosmos above us. Following the special segment, a video of the Queen legend came on, talking from the Teide Observatory in Tenerife, where he did his Physics PhD research.

Brian said in a video afterwards: “Hi folks, a little bit of time travel there. That little boy was me at the age of 12 in 1960. And as you can see I’ve always had a passion for astronomy. I was always wondering what was up there in the night’s sky and I wrote that little commentary with the idea that one day it might be the accompaniment to a planetarium show, so that dream just came true thanks to you guys.”

The 74-year-old then debuted his Another World new music video, shot high up in the Canary Island’s volcanic landscape, a track he said was a love song but also about the different worlds that we can inhabit.

Over the weekend, Brian celebrated hitting No 1 on the Singles Sales update with On My Way Up, topping Harry Styles, Liam Gallagher and George Ezra on April 23.

The 74-year-old posted on Instagram: “Just wanted all you loyal soldiers to know your work supporting my launch was VERY effective !!! Look at this ! THANKS !!! There’s nothing quite like feeling the magic of a NUMBER ONE – even if it’s only for a fleeting moment. That’s how life is. Cheers folks – we’re on our way UP ! Straight to the TOP !!!”

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