Brian May shares Freddie Mercury secret from Queen and Adam Lambert concert set | Music | Entertainment

Queen and Adam Lambert are currently touring Europe, with their most recent shows having taken place in Amsterdam on July 1 and 2. As usual, Brian May has been sharing highlights from the string of concerts on his Instagram. One, in particular, is a touching tribute to Freddie Mercury that takes place halfway through the set.

During this part of the show, Brian sits on a stool with an acoustic guitar and sings Love Of My Life, encouraging fans to turn on their phone lights to make a beautiful scene. After the first half of the track, footage of Freddie singing the song appears on a screen behind the guitarist.

It’s a particularly emotional moment, as after finishing it looks like the singer and his old pal are nodding to each other approvingly before he disappears again.

In a long post on the moment at the Amsterdam concert, the almost 75-year-old shared a little secret from performing that song.

After performing in Spain, Brian, Roger Taylor and their singing collaborator will head to Bologna, Italy for two shows on Sunday and Monday. Following those concerts, Queen and Adam Lambert will be off to Paris, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. The final shows of their Rhapsody tour will be on July 24 and 25 in Tampere, Finland.

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