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Back in 1992, Queen guitarist Brian May released his debut solo album in Back to the Light. A Top 10 album in the UK, the record also featured Top 10 singles Too Much Love Will Kill You and Driven By You. But sadly the 73-year-old album is pretty hard to come by these days, not being available on digital platforms.

Celebrating Back to the Light’s 28th anniversary last year, Brian May teased on his Instagram: “Of course none of my solo material is actually available right now.

“Anybody fancy a season of BM re-releases with lots of juicy extras ? We’re working on a plan !!!”

And now in an exclusive interview with, the Queen guitarist has shared that a re-mastered version of his debut solo album will arrive this summer.

He said: “I’m very excited, I’ve been putting a lot of work in and polishing that up, finding some tracks that weren’t on the original; a nice new package.

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Brian said: “I still feel I want to stand by this album as a statement from me.

“There are some hits on it too, so it’s something I’m quite proud to bring out and dust off and bring to a new generation. I’m well excited I must say!”

The 73-year-old even teased that he’s working on a new video for the re-release, for which he’s had “some great ideas”.

He added: “Again, [producer] Simon Lupton’s working with me, bless him; patiently listening to all my crazy demands.”

Meanwhile, after two postponements due to the pandemic, Queen and Adam Lambert will tour the UK and Europe in summer 2022.

This year marks Queen’s 50th anniversary, of which Brian says he’s very proud of but admits it’s hard without Freddie Mercury who died 30 years ago.

He shared: “I’m very proud of what we do now with Adam. It’s been incredible, the sort of…the re-birth and response we’ve had around the world. And it’s great that we can own our own legacy, own our own material and keep it alive rather than it being a museum piece or fossil.

“So Queen music is very much alive thanks to that fact and that’s what we’re celebrating. The fact that we’re proud and we’re still able to come up with a few surprises here and there.”

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