Brian May ‘completely overwhelmed’ by birthday wishes from Queen fans ‘I feel very loved’ | Music | Entertainment

On Monday, Brian May turned 74-years-old and Queen fans have been celebrating almost three-quarters of a century of the guitar legend. The star expressed his thanks via Instagram, during a post promoting the upcoming release of his re-mastered debut solo album, Back to the Light. He wrote: “Thanks a million for all your wonderful happy birthday messages.”

Brian added: “I’m completely overwhelmed, and don’t feel able to respond properly yet.

“But I will try as soon as I get myself together. Big thanks. I feel very loved. Bri.”

Queen and Adam Lambert bassist Neil Fairclough posted on the day: “Happy Birthday Brian!!…74 orbits round the sun…have a fantastic day!!”

“Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter, Singer, Astrophysicist, Stereoscopic Wizard, Animal Welfarist…and much more…all round inspiring man!! Thank you Brian…”

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While Queen and Adam Lambert’s percussionist and vocalist, who plays alongside drummer Roger Taylor on tour, also chimed in.

Tyler Warren wrote: “The man. The myth. The legend. The birthday!

“Happy birthday to my boss (one of ‘em), band mate, and fellow long-hair, Doctor Brian May!! Cheers my friend! Maybe see you sooner than later!”

Next week marks Roger’s 72nd birthday, so no doubt more birthday wishes are to come soon enough.

Brian said: “We really went to town on the overdubs. There’s probably more overdubs on it than there is on Bohemian Rhapsody!

“I was also pushing myself. It was a time when I wanted to know how far I could go. Suddenly I’m without Freddie. I’m trying to sing my own stuff.How high can I go? How intense can I go? How broad can I go in the vocals?

“I don’t think I could do that now, but I’m pleased with the place that I got to. It was the place I needed to get to at that time.”

Resurrection is available to download and stream now, while the remastered reissue of Brian May’s Back to the Light album is available on August 6 on CD, Vinyl, Cassette, digital download and streaming formats and can be pre-ordered here.

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