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The Russian president was seen to be a key supporter of Brexit, with some speculating that he did so in order to weaken the power of both the UK and the bloc. However, foreign policy expert Professor Azeem Ibrahim, denied that the bloc has been left in “disarray”. Meanwhile, the UK itself, he argued, is “far ahead of the curve” when it comes to issues of security and intelligence, despite concerns that our exit from the EU would damage the UK’s national security.

Speaking to, the former adviser to the Biden campaign said: “The UK could actually lead in creating a new security architecture for Europe.

“I think the UK can play an absolutely vital role in this.

“The UK is best placed to do this. We are the leading military and intelligence power in Europe.

“And I think the hindsight of this government when it came to Ukraine has demonstrated how the UK when it comes to security and intelligence matters is far ahead of the curve.

“And this is all post-Brexit.

“So I don’t think Brexit has had much of a consequence on the security aspect of Europe.”

Putin expressed his support for Brexit in 2018 when he urged former Prime Minister Theresa May to “fulfil the will of the people” and complete the UK’s exit from the EU.

There has also been speculation that Russia would benefit from Brexit, as it had the potential to weaken the resolve of the EU to confront Russia.

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He said: “Both the UK and the US predicted Putin’s incursion into Ukraine, weeks, months before it happened.

“And this was a time that no other country actually believed it.

“The likes of Germany, the likes of France, were still trying to meet with Putin, and the UK made the assessment that this incursion is going to happen.

“So this is a testament to our intelligence services which are renowned throughout the world.

“So the fact is that the UK, along with our Secretary of Defence Ben Wallace was instrumental in providing all the vital military equipment to Ukrainian forces before Putin’s incursion.

“And that once again is based on hindsight intelligence and also foresight of what’s coming down the line, which many European countries simply did not envisage and anticipate.

“It has demonstrated the UK’s premier position as a leading power around the globe.”

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