Brave uses Goggle to show only cybersecurity websites

The independent search engine introduced its new feature that filters results.

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Brave recently announced its Goggle feature to ensure users only see websites relevant to their interests. After 2.5 billion hits and a boom of over 5,000% in a year, the internet search engine centered on confidentiality, Brave Search, celebrated its first anniversary.

Brave Software declared that Brave Search is leaving the testing phase and will become the default search engine for every user of the Brave browser. Brave browser launched in June 2021 and has become one of the most popular alternatives to Google Chrome. In addition to emphasizing users’ privacy and autonomy, Brave prioritized developing an additional feature that would improve the overall quality of the Brave Search user experience. The search engine now includes a new function known as “Goggle” into its roster of options to make  the web safer for all users.

What are the Brave search engine and its security offerings?

Brave search is an open-source browser built on the Chromium code base. It is quicker than the default Chrome browser and uses far less RAM. The company gained notoriety as a browser that prioritized security and privacy.

Here’s a closer look at Brave’s security features that distinguishes it from other search engines.

  • Brave proposes a solution that safeguards users’ data, prevents tracking, and protects users’ privacy.
  • They don’t deal with private information. Until you remove it, the company doesn’t view or keep your browser data on its systems. As a result, they will never share your personal information with any third parties.
  • Users may adjust their search preferences per site or browser wide using Goggle. Users can also view Brave’s daily ad and tracker blocking statistics on the New Tab Page.
  • The browser immediately blocks phishing, harmful software and malicious advertisements. Because plugins provide room for security concerns, the default setting disables plugins.
  • The bookmarks and settings most important to you may be encrypted and synchronized with Brave Sync, which is currently in beta testing. On the other side, Brave does not have the appropriate encryption keys to decode your data and hence cannot access it.

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What is Goggle?

Goggle is a feature that enables users to choose their preferences and prioritize the order in which their search results should be displayed. With this new feature, Goggle Reader users who prefer smaller news sites may just put their inquiries into the search engine directly instead of scrolling through overwhelming search results. Naturally, the exposure of smaller news sites will increase as a result.

According to Brave, its current query traffic increased four times more quickly than DuckDuckGo’s, perhaps due to the number of people who use the Brave Browser. In addition, Brave asserts that autonomy has been a top priority for the organization, with 92% of searches coming directly from their autonomous search index instead of through Bing and Google indexes.

The benefits of Goggle integration with Brave search

Brave’s anti-malware platform uses the power of the blockchain to protect users from attacks. The Brave browser is designed for security professionals, IT departments and businesses that want to improve their online security.

Goggle integration seeks to ensure you don’t accidentally stumble across an unwanted website and  that only websites related to what you’re searching for will appear.

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While Brave uses the same technology as Google, it’s designed to block ads, trackers and malware while protecting your privacy.

Goggle integration adds an extra layer of security for web users. The search engine also includes a built-in encrypted chat function that allows users to communicate securely with each other without revealing their identity or location.

Deep integration between Goggles and the host search engine

Brave Search provides a new approach to receiving relevant results using a community-powered index while maintaining privacy. With the help of the “Goggles” function, Brave Search users can establish their interests and preferences and alter how search terms are displayed.

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