‘Bored’ Man Loots Bank, Convenience Store Wearing Police Cap in Florida’s Orlando

Last Updated: December 12, 2022, 09:23 IST

Nicolas Zapater-Lamadrid looted a bank and convenience store donning a police cap because he was bored (Image: Orange County Sheriff’s Office)

The man was caught while he was robbing a convenience store and was found in front of the store when the police arrived

Police arrested a man from US’ Orlando after he was found to be connected to a pair of robberies, Florida-based news agencies WFLA Channel 8 and WESH reported.

The investigation was launched after a TD Bank branch was robbed by a man who was wearing a hat with the word ‘police’ written on it and a pair of sunglasses.

The bank’s staff said that the bank robber handed the teller a note which had the words ‘assault’ and ‘money’ written on it. He then took the cash and fled the crime scene on foot.

The same man robbed a Circle K two days later. This time also the robber handed the store clerk a note. “Give me all the money and a pack of 305’s 100’s please,” the note read, according to the police officials investigating the case.

During the store loot, the suspect was wearing a police hat.

The police officers, who were quick to respond, arrived on the scene to find the suspect, 45-year-old Nicolas Zapater-Lamadrid, in front of the store. He possessed the stolen items and the cash on him.

Zapater-Lamadrid confessed to the robberies and said that he committed these crimes because he was bored.

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