Boots has released a new ‘everyday’ essentials range – products start from 50p

With many Brits looking to save money, Boots have launched a new range to help customers keep costs down. Prices start from less than a pound, so discover more here.

The Boots range includes 60 products, with prices ranging from 50p to £1.50 and covering haircare, dental, skincare and period products.

The range is available online from this week, and will also be launched in 1,000 UK stores over the next few weeks, so customers can replace more expensive products with the cheaper range once they run out of essentials.

Boots is committed to providing accessible products to customers and enabling them to save on essentials alongside the cost of living going up in other areas.

For customers to find and identify the ‘everyday’ range in stores, Boots have created the products with easily identifiable packaging and in one simple line-up, so that the affordable options are quick and easy to locate.

Boots has been running for over 170 years, and the brand states that ‘in addition to being affordable, the new range comes with the Boots promise of trusted quality, based on decades of research and science’.

In addition to just releasing the ‘Everyday’ range, earlier in the year Boots announced that it was freezing the price of over 1,500 products as part of its ‘Price Lock Promise’, so customers can expect consistency in the pricing of their favourite Boots products.


The variety of products included in the range is great, and despite the low prices, some of the products even offer different scent options, so shoppers can make choices like they would when shopping in Boots anyway.

The Boots ‘Everyday’ range includes products that many household use regularly, and would otherwise have to spend a considerable amount of money on, especially when buying branded products with fluctuating costs.

Jenna Whittingham-Ward, Head of Beauty, Boots Brands & Exclusives, said: “At a time when many people are facing choices between heating and eating and we’re all bracing ourselves for a winter of feeling the pinch more than ever, I am delighted that we’re able to offer a no compromise range to help customers make small everyday switches to help save money.”

Boots also says ”Jessie Boot, who founded the company over 170 years ago, believed that quality products should be accessible to everyone” and ”that the new everyday range delivers on those founding principles.”

Customers can also get free delivery on purchases of over £25, which when replenishing on essentials, is a way of keeping costs down even more.

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