Bone and Joint Day: What do long work hours do to your health? Find out

Ever since the pandemic started, people have been working for longer hours, owing to the initial days of work-from-home. Now, many are following a hybrid approach to work — working from their house as well as office.

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Doctors, however, have pointed out that if your job entails spending many hours in front of the computer, you may face a multitude of health problems, among which are issues of the bone and joint. Same thing for people who spend their time standing while at work.

This Bone and Joint Day, Dr Arpit Dave, consultant orthopedic surgeon at Masina Hospital, Byculla, Mumbai, explains that prolonged sitting or standing and less activities can cause lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cholesterol imbalance.

“Sitting for long hours can affect your spine and hips,” he adds.

The doctor says “prolonged muscle inactivity and compression on intervertebral discs” can lead to spondylosis, back and radicular pain, which is why taking multiple breaks when at work is important.

Leg pain and cramps happen because of ‘chronic venous insufficiency’. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

“Leg pain and cramps happen because of ‘chronic venous insufficiency’ on long hours of standing without much movement. Wearing a compression Stockinette or tight clothing when standing can help avoid this. Foot and heel pain can be prevented by floor matting or wearing arch and sole pads or inserts,” Dr Dave explains.

According to him, low back pain/fatigue with prolonged standing has been associated with “excessive activation of muscles involved in postural stability”.

“Workstations should not be static; the arrangement should allow one to adopt various postures (a sit-stand workstation), rather than to stand or sit in a single position. Ergonomically-designed chairs and the one which allows forward pelvic tilt can help relieve low back pain,” he states.

The expert concludes by saying that besides movement, proper diet and activities like meditation are important for physical as well as mental well-being.

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