Bolsonaro Tweets Pic from Hospital but Dems Demand Extradition, Point Fingers at Trump, Bannon

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Last Updated: January 10, 2023, 13:35 IST

Bolsonaro tweeted that he is hospitalised in Orlando and has received treatment for the stab wound he suffered in 2018 (Image: Twitter/Jair Bolsonaro)

The former Brazilian president Bolsonaro said he received treatment for the stab wound that he received in 2018 but Dems point fingers at his ties with Steve Bannon

Allowing former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro to stay in the United States could lead to diplomatic fallout between Brasilia and Washington DC.

The former president accused of instigating his supporters to riot and pillage the Brazilian Supreme Court, Congress and the presidential palace – Palácio da Alvorada – over the weekend has put him in a weakened position.

Bolsonaro remains at a hospital in Florida, where he said he was receiving treatment for the stab wound he received in 2018 when a miscreant attacked him, almost claiming his life. He has undergone multiple surgeries since.

A report by the Guardian, citing US officials said, Bolsonaro entered the US on December 30 – while he was still president. Lula was sworn-in on New Year’s Day. The official pointed out that Bolsonaro could have entered the US using an A-1 visa which is reserved for foreign leaders.

The official said that if any leader enters using A-1 visa and then ceases to be the leader, they have 30 days to leave the country and if they fail to do so the Department of Homeland Security will remove them from the US.

Democratic congressman, Joaquin Castro, a member of the House foreign affairs committee, told the news outlet that he and his colleagues do not want Bolsonaro to use Florida as a base to destabilise the democratically-elected, Lula-led government in Brasilia.

Bolsonaro complained of abdominal pain on Monday and tweeted a picture of himself hospitalised and said he got new adhesions. He tweeted that “Yesterday I had new adhesions” and was hospitalised “in Orlando/USA.”

“Thank you for your prayers and messages for a speedy recovery,” the 67-year-old said.

Castro expressed concern about the Bolsonaro family’s ties to former White House official Steve Bannon and told the Guardian that months ahead of the Brasilia attacks, Bolsonaro and Bannon were working closely together. He said that he was working with them to “spread lies about Brazil’s election and undermine faith in Brazilian democracy.”

The former far-right president is reported to be staying in Kissimmee, near Orlando’s Disney World, in retired Brazilian martial arts star, José Aldo’s home, the news outlet reported.

Another aide of a member of the US Congress also said that it seemed like Florida has become a “kind of hotbed of far-right communities” and pointed to Florida governor Ron DeSantis – who has declared a war on wokeness – and Jan 6, 2021 Capitol Hill riots, alluding that the planning may have been done in former US President Donald Trump’s resort Mar-a-Lago – who was close to Bolsonaro.

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