Bigg Boss OTT: Raqesh Bapat says ‘I love you’ to Shamita Shetty. Here’s how she reacts

Bigg Boss OTT Raqesh Bapat says I love you to Shamita
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Bigg Boss OTT Raqesh Bapat says I love you to Shamita

The final week of Bigg Boss OTT has been witnessing many ups and downs. The contestants have been trying to prove themselves worthy of the trophy. On the other hand, in a surprise mid-week eviction, singer Neha Bhasin was shown the doot of the Bigg Boss house and was evicted. Now, Raqesh Bapat, Shamita Shetty, Divya Agarwal, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal are in the race to win the title. As much as other contestants, the love angle between Raqesh and Shamita is making buzz on social media. Recently, a video has gone viral in which the Tum Bin actor can be seen saying ‘I love you’ to Shamita.

During a conversation, Shamita asked Raqesh to say something nice to her. Since the actor was taking a lot of time to think, she demanded him to say something now. Raqesh said, “Je t’aime” which means ‘I Love You’ in French. Reacting to this, Shamita asks, “Do you even know what je t’aime means?” Raqesh says he does, which left her speechless. He then says, “I can’t top that.”

In the same conversation, Shamita tells Raqesh that he never says anything nice to her. Raqesh replied, “I should be able to see nice behaviour first.”

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss announced a Debate task for contestants between two housemates to speak their views and state why the viewers should vote for them? At the end of the round between Shamita and Divya Agarwal, Raqesh refused to pick anyone which forced Bigg Boss to call off the task. This led to a war of words as Nishant lashed out at him for not putting forward his point of view correctly.

The grand finale of Bigg Boss OTT will take place on September 18 at 7 pm and will stream on Voot select

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