Bigg Boss 14 former contestant Eijaz’s funny reaction as Pavitra Punia, Shardul Pandit share bear hug | WATCH

Bigg Boss 14 former contestant Eijaz's funny reaction as Pavitra Punia, Shardul share bear hug

Bigg Boss 14 former contestant Eijaz’s funny reaction as Pavitra Punia, Shardul share bear hug 

Year after year, we’ve seen many celebrities coming out as a couple from the Bigg Boss house and this season was no different. Not just one but Bigg Boss 14 made the fans witness three love stories but the one which rose within was that of Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia. Theirs wasn’t a love at first sight kind of love and began with fights and arguments. 

Recently, Eijaz Khan had a hilarious reaction when girlfriend Pavitra Punia and her friend Shardul Pandit shared a big bear hug. In a viral clip, Pavitra is seen tightly hugging Shardul as Eijaz looks on. After a few moments when the two friends don’t stop hugging, Eijaz possessively says in Hindi: “Leave her alone.”

He then pulls Pavitra, and the others have a good laugh. 

Pavitra and Eijaz met on the 14 season of Bigg Boss, hosted by Salman Khan. While speaking to IANS last month, he shared details about his romance in the house and on his plans to take the affair forward.

Eijaz had said: “Well, it was real then and it is real now.”

He added, “She is the only person I am spending the most amount of time with, and I want to. I have met my dad and brother and they are very happy. My brother has met her, and today a small part of my family might meet her because we might just go out for an ice cream or something.”

On getting closer to Pavitra in such a short span of time in the Bigg Boss house, he said: “I think sometimes when you spend time with a certain person for two years then also you don’t feel that connection, but there are instances when you spend only two days with a certain person and you feel connected with him or her.”

Beyond finding the love of his life, the show has also given him scope to self-introspect.

“This show has given me a new life and it has given me a chance to understand myself. I have not only got the love of my life but thousands and lakhs of people have loved and supported me during my stint and it is a very precious thing for me,” said Eijaz.

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