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Before choosing a new career path, it is important to know which industries are potentially the most lucrative and which occupations provide the salary one desires. There are no shortage of options for someone looking for a career change.

Here are the top ten highest paying jobs in the UK according to TotalJobs.

1. Head of major organisation

Degree required: Yes

From presidents to CEOs to executive directors, people in the most senior positions at big companies earn the big bucks. Filling one of these roles earns an average salary of £97,626

2. Medical practitioner

Degree required: Yes

Also known as doctors or consultants, medical practitioners are paid handsomely for their noble work diagnosing, treating and caring for their patients, £80,266 on average in fact.

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5. Dental practitioner

Degree required: Yes

Another from the medical sector. Dentists are responsible for maintaining that winning smile and with an average salary of £60,098, they should be smiling too.

6. Finance manager/chartered secretary

Degree required: Yes

Finance managers look after the finances of major companies and are a crucial cog in any organisation. Chartered secretaries aid in decision-making and risk management. For this type of role, an average salary of £56,479 can be expected.

9. Business/financial broker

Degree required: Yes

Financial brokers help investors with the execution of financial transactions and earn a robust salary for doing so. The average salary for this occupation is £52,982.

10. Senior local government official

Degree required: Yes

Just like a national official but on a smaller scale, senior local government officials make excellent money, averaging £52,177 per year.

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