BBC’s Andrew Marr rebuked after telling John Kerry that US will have to eat less meat | World | News

John Kerry insisted that Americans will not have to consume less meat going forward in order to combat climate change. The US Presidential Envoy for Climate shut down Andrew Marr’s vegetarian demand during an interview on the BBC this morning. The BBC host said that the “brutal truth” is that the Biden administration will have to “tell Americans to eat less meat”.

Mr Marr explained: ” While US emissions overall are going down, emissions from the US agricultural sector – which is 11 percent of the total – are going up and quite sharply.

“Isn’t the brutal truth that at some point you will have to tell Americans to eat less meat?”

Mr Kerry fired back: “Not necessarily. There is a lot of research being done now that will change the way meat is produced, for example the way cattle are reared, herded and fed.

“We don’t know some of the answers to these.”

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He added: “I guarantee you that the United States of America is not only setting a goal but moving rapidly on track to reduce all of our emissions.”

Mr Marr rebutted this, saying: “It sounds as if you are relying a lot on technology to sort all of this out, rather than changes in lifestyles.

“I remember George Bush Senior saying the American way of life is not up for debate, period and that is still your approach, isn’t it?”

Mr Kerry said that the BBC host was presenting a “false choice” to his viewers.

However, one viewer disagreed, saying of Mr Marr: “This man is a menace. Suggesting to John Kerry that the only way that the US can reach net zero carbon emissions, is to ‘stop eating meat’ He’s dangerous, an intelligent idiot.”

This comes after US Republicans falsely claimed that Joe Biden’s climate change plan would force Americans to cease travelling and not be able to eat meat.

Larry Kudlow, a  former White House economic adviser to Donald Trump and current Fox Business host, said: “To meet the Biden Green New Deal targets, America has to, get this, America has to stop eating meat. No burger on July 4. No steaks on the barbecue.”

However, this claim later turned out to be incorrect. 

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