Barcelona riots: Violence erupts as protesters clash with police at arrest rally | World | News

Several banks have been destroyed and burned along La Rambla in the Spanish city as protesters clashed with police. According to local officers, two people have been detained so far. One of the attacks took place at the Rambla Urban Guard police station, which was protected by officers and several police vans at the door.

One of those vans has also been burned.

According to Mossos, the protesters also looted some shops.

Today’s march is the latest in a string of clashes between police and the Spanish public over the last week.

The riots took place when the march entered the Raval district and later La Rambla.

Protesters have also set a chair on fire at a hotel, according to police reports.

Footage shared on social media shows the chair on fire and glass smashed across the floor as hotel staff attempt to put out the small blaze.

It is believed they threw Molotov cocktails at police vehicles in the La Rambla district of Barcelona.

Multiple police vehicles were called in response to protests in the district.

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“The staff extinguishes the small fire that the vandals have caused on a sofa.

“Tables, chairs, planters … Everything serves to block the passage to the BRIMO.”

He later added a video of police arresting one of the protesters.

He tweeted: “First arrests in the evening.

“The Mossos pushed the protesters towards Carrer Còrsega, in the direction of Llobregat.

“One part responds by throwing objects at them.”

Several shops, benches and terraces were destroyed.

These protests come after Mr Hasel was imprisoned over issues of free speech after he was jailed over controversial lyrics and tweets.

Mr Hasel was arrested by anti-riot police earlier this month following a 24-hour stand-off in a university with supporters to avoid prison.

He was given nine months behind bars to insulting the Spanish monarchy and allegedly praising terrorist violence in his music and on his Twitter account.

The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, previously appealed for calm in the city, and said: “Defending the freedom of expression doesn’t justify in any case the destruction of property, frightening our fellow citizens, and hurting businesses already hurt by the crisis (caused by the pandemic).”

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