Aukus security alliance tipped to make China ‘think twice’ on escalating Taiwan feud | World | News

Wang Ting-Yu, a member of Taiwan‘s Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee, has broken down the impact Aukus is having on the battle to counter China in the Indo-Pacific region. He told that alliances such as that agreed between Britain, Australia and the United States announced in September will greatly strengthen western allies in the region looking to stand up to Xi Jinping. Wang Ting-Yu’s own island nation faces the ongoing threat of invasion from China. 

Wang Ting-yu told “Biden’s strategy is kind of a multilateral strategy.

“So now in Asia and Indo-pacific, there are QUAD [Quadrilateral Security Dialogue], including Japan, India, Australia and the United States.

“And now Aukus, it’s like old allies and the new layers on that.

“We have multiple, multiple allies in this region, two plus two, Japan and the United States.

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“The United States allies with Korea and I know Japan signed a military mutual aid pact with Vietnam or India, something like that.”

“Taiwan, we have some mutual activities with all these friends,” he continued.

“So in this region, these multilateral allies or alliances is kind of democracies in a relationship against China.

“Now in the Indo-Pacific, China understands if they dare to step over the red line to cause some military conflict with any single part, that means he has to deal with Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, even India.”

He added: “So this kind of [network] can make Beijing think twice before they do something stupid to sabotage the security and the stability in this region.”

Mr Wang Ting-yu told “There is something new in Biden’s speech, now when his quick answer yes, that’s our commitment to Taiwan we appreciate that.”

“When China dare to invade Taiwan or to cause some military conflicts in the South China Sea, the United States has made clear message to Beijing, they will do something concretely and not only the United States but also in Japan, Australia, even India,” he added.

He added: “So all these allies, all the neighbouring countries near Taiwan, they all give a clear military security regional security message Xi Jinping and China.

“They are taking the ambiguity strategy like usual but to a security issue they draw a red line.” 

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