At PTM, parents told no plan to reopen schools, online classes to continue

At the first parent-teacher meeting at Delhi government schools since the pandemic began, parents were told schools won’t be reopening anytime soon. The PTMs will continue in a staggered manner till July 31 to connect with parents at the start of this new academic session.

Last week, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal too had said that despite the continuing low number of Covid cases in the city, there are no plans for schools to reopen right now.

While children returning to school for offline classes is not on the cards, many parents said they have been sending their children for offline tuitions.

Rekha, whose son studies in class VII at Government Boys Senior Secondary School, New Friends Colony, said: “The teacher told us that because schools will not be opening now, we should make sure that we help him study at home and complete all the worksheets that are sent to him every week. She also said we should be careful about what we say around him, that we shouldn’t discuss household problems around him as it might upset him.”

But she feels that the limited interactions and weekly worksheets are not enough for her son. “He is admitted in the English-medium section which is why I am not able to help him at all, and we feel like he needs more guidance with his studies. We have enrolled him in tuition classes and pay Rs 500 per month each for classes for four different subjects. It’s a lot, and work has been difficult for my husband, a daily wager,” she said.

For Neera, it was the first time she was meeting her daughter’s teachers after she was admitted to Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, East of Kailash, in KG last year. “The teacher said that I should help my daughter study at home and submit her worksheets. I try, but I find it very difficult to make sure that she studies at home. Because of this, I started sending her to tuition classes earlier this year in our colony in Zamrudpur. The teacher teaches around four children at once and takes Rs 300 per month,” she said.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said: “Despite incessant rains, the enthusiasm shown by our teachers and parents for the PTM is commendable. This shows that our parents and teachers are committed to the education of children and their social-emotional well-being. While schools are closed, education of all children should continue and every child should also get emotional support. Together, our teachers and parents can take this responsibility. I appeal to parents to ensure that they go to schools and meet the teachers of their children.”

Part of the agenda of the meetings is to introduce the CBSE’s new examination policy for this academic year to parents and to smoothen the transition of students who have joined government schools in class VI after completing class V in MCD schools.

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