Astrology: One sign talks ‘taboos’ – ‘loves when conversations get real’

Valentine’s Day may be over, but love is still in the air. This is what astrology reveals about the twelfth sign of the zodiac’s romantic life, according to the experts.

Those who want to partner up with Taurus, good choice, as the “smart, ambitious and trustworthy” Taurus is “the anchor of the zodiac”, according to

But, locking down the stubborn Bull isn’t always an easy feat.

A non-negotiable for Taurus in relationships is physical attraction, as they are extremely visual creature.

What’s more, potential partners will need to get past their “formidable external barriers”.

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“Bulls won’t let anyone see their inner life, and they may seem a little formal and standoffish until you prove your true worth.”

Incredibly picky, they don’t just let anybody waltz into their life, but if they do, their formality and rigidness completely disappears and “all bets are off”.

In a relationship, Taurus is romantic and sensual “to the max”, and can be won over by those who are not afraid to speak passionately or talk in ‘taboos’.

“While you’re not ‘supposed’ to talk about religion or politics with a potential partner, Taurus loves when conversations get real—and doesn’t mind if you disagree.”


As a fellow earth sign, Virgo stays “away from drama”, and while on the outside they may not look like the most interesting of couples, “they have an almost psychic connection” – which is difficult to beat.

As for Pisces, this sign can break down Taurus’ emotional walls and pull them out of their “shell”.

Capricorn is a great fits for Taurus in many ways, and would make an ideal friend, partner or even business partner.

“Together, this duo gets things done. Taurus loves the idea of being with someone whom they can trust and depend on in all aspects of their lives.”

Those who are patient and willing to put in the work can enjoy a long-lasting love with Taurus – just remember, they are all about transparency and “cannot stand games”.

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