‘As far as language is concerned, it’s our pride,’ says Kamal Haasan amid controversy around ‘Hindi’

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Kamal Haasan

Veteran actor Kamal Haasan got into the Hindi vs South debate saying ‘language is our pride.’ At a time when the nation is witnessing a language controversy, Haasan said, “We never say west Indian films but Bollywood. We lose sense of direction, in sense of community, & it should stay that way. As far as language is concerned, it’s our pride. Nobody will lose their language for another. They’ll be curious to know another language.”

“That’s what we did with English….. That’s not our language, but for that I will not loose Tamil or Marathi,” the actor added. ALSO READ: Rajinikanth and I are great friends despite political differences, says Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan was in the national capital for the promotion of his upcoming film, Vikram when he spoke about the ongoing controversy. Also, the South superstar spoke about pan-Indian films, saying, “When you pan for gold, you pan for new words, coinage. Pan India (films) have always been there.” 

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“Shantaram ji did pan India films. ‘Padosan’ is a pan India film. Mehmood ji almost spoke Tamil in the film. What do you call ‘Mughal-e-Azam’? It’s a pan India film for me. It’s nothing new. Our country is unique. Unlike America, we speak different languages but we are united. That’s the beauty of this country,” he added.

Further the actor claimed, “We will always be making pan India films. It depends on how good and universal the film is. Then, everyone would like to see it. ‘Chemmeen’, a Malayalam film, was a pan-Indian film. They didn’t even dub it, there were no subtitles and people enjoyed it.”

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