Apple’s October 18 event: What to expect and how to watch

Surprise: There’s another fall Apple event, and it could mean new MacBooks.


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Apple has decided that one fall event isn’t enough: It’s announced a second one referred to as “Unleashed” taking place on Monday, October 18, and it’s expected to be another hardware reveal event. This time, rumors point to a fully redesigned MacBook line with some long-overdue changes.

While everything is always rumor until it leaves the mouth of Tim Cook, predictions of past events have been accurate. With that said, everything winding its way through the rumor mill is just that: a rumor. Take these predictions with a grain of salt until Monday at 1 p.m. eastern time when the event kicks off.

Apple’s Oct. 18 Unleashed event: What to expect

According to Bloomberg news (and most every other news source), the upcoming event is expected to revolve around the MacBook, specifically the MacBook Pro. A redesign, the inclusion of Apple Silicon, a new MagSafe charger, refreshed display, the return of the HDMI port and the elimination of the touch bar are specifically predicted. 

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The Apple Silicon chip in the predicted 2021 MacBook Pro will be a step up from the M1 as well. Whether it will be called M1A, M1X, M2 or something else remains to be seen, but M1X is the favorite

It’s possible that Apple will also announce a new model of its AirPods headphones, the Mac mini and other Mac laptops as well. The new AirPods are rumored to be an entry-level product that mimics the design of the AirPods Pro, which have replaceable rubber tips for a better fit. 

Apple’s Oct. 18 Unleashed event: How to watch it

If those rumored products piqued your interest, you don’t want to miss the October 18 event, which starts at 10 a.m. PDT (1 p.m. eastern). 

Streaming the event is, as usual, possible from several different places. You can sign up to add a calendar event at Apple’s event page, where the event will also be streamed this Monday. The event also has a YouTube page where you could, if you so desire, stay tuned in until the event starts. 

Apple’s TV apps for macOS, Apple TV and iOS also typically include event streams, so if you prefer to watch on one of those platforms just tune in prior to the event and a link to the stream should be front-and-center when the app opens. 

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