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Annie Lennox performs ‘There Must Be An Angel’ live

Scotland’s finest singer-songwriter takes to our screens this evening with a storming set packed with hits from both her solo career and Eurythmics days. Appearing on BBC One Sessions, pop’s enduring diva will roll out ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘Here Comes The Rain’, ‘Little Bird’ and a host of other classics. Named one of The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time by Rolling Stone, Annie proves time and time again that her voice has lost none of its ability to thrill.

Away from her musical career, Annie is a political and social activist.

She was deeply critical of the Iraq War, has long supported Tibetan freedom, and was a staunch critic of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union — labelling the decision a “TOTAL train wreck” on her blog, adding that it was a “total set up right from the start”.

Aberdeen-born Annie initially claimed she was “agnostic” about the prospect of an independent Scotland, but threw her support behind the Union in the week leading up to the vote, arguing there was an “element of risk” in voting Yes.

Scotland went on to vote to remain part of the UK in the 2014 referendum, and Annie addressed the matter a month later.

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Annie Lennox

Annie was born on Christmas Day in Aberdeen in 1954. (Image: GETTY)

Annie Lennox

Annie has lived in London for much of her life sine moving from Scotland. (Image: GETTY)

Speaking in October 2014, she described the division between Scotland and England as “embarrassing”.

She said: “I’d like to see the Scots put their hatred of the English aside and grow up just a little bit.

“We should be way beyond that now. It’s actually slightly embarrassing.

“It’s nonsense. The English are no longer the terrible overlord of the Scots.

Annie Lennox

Annie embarked on a solo career in 1992. (Image: GETTY)

“Westminster, I understand they have an issue with, but we all have an issue with Westminster.”

Annie admitted that she did not vote in the referendum, but received a barrage of abuse for voicing her opinion.

In the days that followed the interview, she issued a lengthy apology on her Facebook page.

She wrote: “This morning I woke up to a tsunami of hatred and vitriol on my Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Annie Lennox

BBC One Sessions airs at 10:45pm on Saturday evening. (Image: GETTY)

“Those who appear to be deeply offended by an apparent quote from a newspaper have had no hesitation in publicly describing me in the most vile pejorative terms.

“They demand an apology and here it is… ‘I apologise wholeheartedly to anyone who’s been offended by whatever they’ve read in a headline or quote from me’…

“I’m deeply proud of my heritage and it’s a massive part of who I am and I just want people to get along no matter where they were born or where they live in the UK. Peace be with us all.”

She went on to reveal that she almost deleted her social media accounts because of the online abuse, adding in a subsequent post: “Massive thank yous to every single one of the people who’ve posted supportive and positive messages regarding yesterday’s blog.

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“I truly appreciate every one of them. Yesterday I was ready to throw in the towel and shut down my Facebook profile, but your encouragement has turned it around for me.”

Since then, Annie has voiced her objection to Brexit on a number of occasions.

Alongside Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason and Billy Bragg, as well as numerous other musical figures, she signed an open letter to the Government in 2018 stating that Brexit posed a “significant threat to the UK’s music industry”.

A year later, she encouraged her followers to sign the petition for Article 50 to be revoked, which eventually gained some six million signatures.

On the day she shared the petition, she posted on her blog that she considered Brexit a “whole country’s wilful self destruction”.

She added: “It’s been a total set up right from the start.

“The people didn’t even understand what they were voting for..

“Watch Britain sink and sob while it goes under. Absolutely beyond belief.”

BBC One Sessions with Annie Lennox airs tonight at 10:45pm.

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