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Back in 2018, Matteo Bocelli began performing with his father Andrea Bocelli, releasing their duet single Fall On Me. They performed the popular track around the world and it even featured in Disney movie The Nutcracker and Four Realms. Since then, Matteo has slowly begun debuting his solo career, with a cover of Can You Feel The Love Tonight? alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as part of the Disney Goes Classical album. Then, last year, the rising star released his first single Solo which has now been followed up by Close, ahead of the 24-year-old’s first album later this year.

Speaking exclusively with, Andrea Bocelli praised his son’s progress.

The 63-year-old said: “I believe that Matteo is identifying with more and more clarity his own style, according to his own personality and sensibilities. And I believe that his very promising single Solo shows that. As for duets, it is true that the song Fall On Me was a beautiful occasion that we have seized upon as a family, perhaps without truly thinking it through but with great enthusiasm. And the public appreciated the genuineness of the emotions involved. But I also think that my son has, today, wings strong enough to take flight by himself.”

Earlier this month, Matteo gave a live Q&A on social media following the release of Close and spoke briefly with his father who offered two major pieces of advice.

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Andrea told his son: “You can do better always. You must do everything in order to improve your singing every day. And not to scream [and lose your voice].”

This reference to screaming was his father’s little joke since Matteo almost lost his voice promoting Close in the previous days.

In a written Instagram post, the 63-year-old said: “Come what may, you’ll always be ‘close’ to our hearts. But we hope your artistic journey will take you far! Good luck to our young artist, Matteo, for this next step in your career: we are by your side, and just as your song says, we always feel that you are “close” to us. Andrea, Veronica, Amos & Virginia.”

Matteo Bocelli’s currently untitled debut solo album will be released later on in 2022.

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