Al Pacino was cut by co-star Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface – ‘Blood everywhere’ | Films | Entertainment

Michelle continued: “And it was true, and I was like: ‘I know, I know, I’m just like, so up in knots.’ And so he’s like ‘It’s not gonna work out, babe,’ right?

“So I went away, and then about a month later they called and they said: ‘We wanted to screen-test you.’ and I was like, ugh. Because part of me was just relieved to have the torture end. And when they called, I just said, [dramatically] ‘No.’”

The second audition alongside Al went amazing, however. Michelle explained how she didn’t believe she could get the role so felt “free” in her performance.

She recalled: “And I just sort of – I show up and we do the scene, the restaurant scene at the end, where I kind of freak out at the end, and I threw dishes, and everything went flying and I broke things, [then they yelled] cut.”

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