After Making Us Weep With Filhaal 2, Akshay Kumar Is Sharing Memes Because…

Akshay Kumar in a still from Filhaal 2 – Mohabbat (courtesy YouTube)


  • “I know the pain in it made some of you sad,” tweeted Akshay
  • “So here’s reposting some fun memes,” he added
  • “Amazing creativity, amazing spirit,” wrote Akshay

New Delhi:

Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon dropped their much-awaited song Filhaal 2 – Mohabbat earlier this week – the song is a sequel to their 2019 song Filhall. Akshay and Nupur’s unfulfilled romance is the theme of both the songs – however, the recently released Filhaal 2 – Mohabbat has a tragic ending. The ending of Filhaal 2 – Mohabbat made viewers weep, following which, Akshay Kumar felt the need to cheer up his followers with some memes. Akshay zeroed in on some viral memes created by fans and re-shared them on Twitter with this message: “Thank you so much for all the love to Filhaal 2 – Mohabbat. I know the pain in it made some of you sad. So here’s reposting some fun memes by Filhaal fans to make you smile.”

Here are some of Akshay Kumar’s favourite memes, as created by fans. “Amazing creativity, amazing spirit,” he tweeted:

The storyline of Filhaal 2 begins with Akshay Kumar trying to reach out to Nupur Sanon, who is now married. Nupur Sanon’s Meher Grewal, who is still in love with Kabir Malhotra, played by Akshay Kumar, finds it difficult to move on in her marriage but in order to do, she keeps pushing away Kabir’s efforts of reconnecting with her. Filhaal 2 ends on a tragic note when Kabir Malhotra meets with an accident after Meher throws away a significant token of their love – a pendant.

Just like the first part, Filhaal 2 – Mohabbat has been directed by Arvinder Khaira. Sung by B Praak, Filhaal 2 – Mohabbat has been written by Jaani.

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