Afghanistan: US death toll in ISIS suicide attack at Kabul airport rises to 13 | World | News

The American death toll in the ISIS suicide attack at Kabul airport has risen to 13.

A report by The Wall Street Journal indicates ninety Afghans were also killed and 140 people injured when two ISIS-K suicide bombers attacked the evacuation site.

A further 18 US troops assisting with evacuations at the capital’s Hamid Karzai International Airport were injured.

Reuters revealed early on Friday morning the death toll had now risen to 13 – after President Biden vowed to hunt down ISIS members involved in the attack.

Initially, the American ambassador in Kabul revealed four US Marines were killed in the explosion on Thursday evening.

An American official has also warned Reuters the total number of US soldiers killed could rise even further.

The Islamic State, specifically the ISIS-K faction, claimed responsibility for detonating suicide bombs in Kabul.

In a statement, Daesh said confirmed its involvement and said one suicide bomber targeted “translators and collaborators with the American army”.

The Taliban has condemned ISIS’ actions in Kabul.

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