Afghanistan: Moment Taliban procession interrupts Sky broadcast in Kabul | World | News

Speaking live from a hotel in central Kabul, Sky News Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay stopped his live broadcast as a Taliban “procession” drove past the hotel where his crew were filming. Mr Ramsay appears deeply disturbed as the realisation hits him the Taliban were in the centre of the Afghan capital. He described how a “white flag” was leading the pack of fighters as he prayed the procession “keeps going past” his hotel.

Mr Ramsay said: “I think it’s a procession of the Taliban!

“Yes it is – there is the white flag.

“And they are coming down the street just next to us.

“They are in their Shalwar Kameez – they are led by a white flag.”

He added: “They are chanting as they go down.”

But he stressed: “From our position we can’t show you it.

“But there they are, right here.”

A visibly concerned Mr Ramsay added: “Hopefully they keep going past this hotel.”

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