Adhyayan Suman on break-up with Maera Mishra: Won’t wash dirty linen in public


Adhyayan Suman and Maera Mishra

Lately, actor Adhyayan Suman has been in the news for his break-up with actress Maera Mishra. Social media with abuzz with speculations about his breakup. Quashing false reports and shutting down trolls for once and all, Adhyayan took to his Instagram stories putting out a strong message. While he refrained from taking any names, the actor posted a statement saying he wouldn’t want to comment on the matter as he has been taught not to “wash dirty linen in public”. 

“Hello, all I would like to say at this stage is that I have great respect for all women, right from my mother to sister to close friends and even more so for the ones that I have shared fond memories with. My upbringing does not allow me to wash dirty linen in public and I want to learn from my past mistakes and not say anything to anyone at this stage,” Adhyayan said in a statement.

India Tv - Adhyayan Suman posts statement on Instagram


Adhyayan Suman posts statement on Instagram

The actor added as of now he is only concentrating on upcoming projects. “My focus is my work, which is in the public domain, and I look forward to releasing my new song very soon. I request you to respect the privacy of me and my family as well,” he said.

In a recent interview, Maera confirmed that the two have broken up and she even spoke about how things changed between them when they started living together.

According to reports, the couple broke up in November after a two-year courtship.

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