8 makeup tools you need in your collection

Want to transform your makeup game? Then it’s time to learn about the different types of makeup tools and the role they play in ensuring you look on fleek every single time. From eyelash curlers to face yoga tools for better skin, here are the 8 best makeup tools you need in your routine…

Best makeup tools you must have in your routine

1. Colorbar Blend-itude Makeup Sponge

Makeup sponges are a very versatile product that deserve room in your makeup bag. They are not only easy to use and clean, but they can be used to apply everything from foundation to highlighter. Colorbar’s egg-shaped makeup sponge smoothly blends makeup without wiping any off. The fine tip is great for precise contouring and highlighting and the broader body is ideal for your cheeks and forehead. This is definitely at the top of our makeup kit list!

2. House of Beauty Jade Gausha

Translating to “scraping the pain away”, the use of Gau Sha is a traditional practice that has come back into the limelight. By gently massaging your skin with the precious stone – House of Beauty’s Gau Sha is made with jade, you can improve the skin’s complexion, giving it a soft, dewy glow. Acting by draining toxins, improving circulation and helping any skincare product get deeply absorbed, over time, this makeup tool for daily use will give you younger, plumper skin.

3. House of Beauty Jade Roller for Oily Skin

Similar to Gau Shas, facial rollers have many benefits for the skin too. They are gentle on the skin, and their design makes them convenient and easy to use. They also reduce inflammation and puffiness around the eyes. To get the best results, you should pair it with a sheet mask or facial serum to get better product penetration into the skin. House of Beauty’s Jade Roller is made especially for oily skin.

4. Faces Canada Blush Brush

Made with soft, fluffy bristles, the Blush Brush from Faces Canada is great for applying blush, highlighter and even bronzer. The shape of the brush is best suited for contouring while the bristles give you added precision.

5. Colorbar Showstopper Eyelash Curler

One of those must-have makeup tools you just can’t do without for on-point makeup, eyelash curlers give your lashes a more defined appearance – fuller, thicker and curlier. The easy-to-use curler from Colorbar has a cushioned grip so you can apply the right pressure to curl your lashes the way you want.

6. Faces Canada Eye Shadow Brush

There are many times of eye shadow brushes you can find on the market, but this one from Faces Canada will meet all your makeup needs. Designed with the finest materials and giving you great grip, the soft bristles help you smoothly apply your eyeshadow over your lids. It evenly covers the area and blends different shades seamlessly. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add this one to your best makeup products list now!

7. Faces Canada Lip Brush

If you use a combination of lipstick and lip liners, then you’ve got to get yourselves one of these! One of the best makeup tools to have in your bag, even if it’s just for retouches, this is the best way to get an even coat of colour on your lips. Do away with the jarring lines of lip liner and have a smoother coverage with a lip brush. It’s great for applying two different colours of lipstick too, when you’re in the mood for experimenting.

8. Colorbar Picture Perfect Foundation Brush

If you want that flawless finish from your foundation, Colorbar’s Picture Perfect Foundation Brush is exactly what you need to cover up all those imperfections and have that youthful glow. Applying foundation with a brush instead of your hands also means saving your skin from any dirt and bacteria from your hands, thereby protecting your skin from acne and inflammation.

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