8 haircare tips to style your hair this Diwali

Ethnic wear outfit? Check. Makeup? Check. Shoes? Check. Jewellery? Check. The only thing missing so you can create an unforgettable Diwali ensemble is the perfect hairdo to go with the rest of your look. So here are some Diwali hair care tips to get your hair looking on point on the day. Read on to know more…

Best Diwali hair care tips

1. Oil hair before washing

There are two ways you can oil your hair before shampooing. One, oiling them the night before and the other just before washing it. You will see benefits with both. Leaving oil in your hair overnight is what you need when your hair is excessively dry or frizzy while oiling your hair 30-60 minutes before washing is a great way to protect your hair from the shampoo and conditioner. A few drops of oil can moisturise and nourish your locks, protect them from damage and infuse each strand with vitamins and minerals needed for hair growth and strength.

2. Choose hydrating haircare products

While all haircare products are made with different types of nourishing ingredients, not all products are the same. Some may work better on your hair than others. The only way to take care of your hair properly is to know what your hair needs and which products suit it the best. One of the haircare secrets a lot of people swear by is choosing hydrating and moisturising products to give them that soft, silky, glossy finish.

3. Condition after shampooing

You may be wondering if conditioner is even necessary if you find a really good shampoo. And the answer is yes. Conditioner is specially formulated to coat your strands, providing protection from damage. It improves the texture and shine of your hair, also detangling it, making it easier to manage. And finally, conditioner makes the hair look shinier, so one of the best hair styling tips for Diwali you can follow is to use conditioner before styling your hair.

4. Try hair serums

Like facial serums, hair serums are made with ingredients that address various hair concerns while also infusing them with extra nourishment. They detangle the hair, making it look and feel softer and smoother. If you use heat styling tools in your haircare routine, the right hair serum will also protect it from heat damage.

5. Spritz with a hair mist

Hair mists are generally used to give life to dull, lifeless hair. It can also be used to revitalise hair between washes. If you’re running short of time, a few sprays of hair mist will make your hair look and feel better, also taming flyaways or excess frizz. It can also hydrate your hair for a softer feel.

6. Nourish with hair masks

When you feel like your hair is in need of an extra boost, hair masks work like a charm. They are made with goodness-packed ingredients that are high in vitamins, minerals, good oils and fats and antioxidants for all the nurturing your hair needs. There are plenty of hair masks available on the market, or you could DIY it and make one at home with ingredients you would find in your kitchen.

7. Get a trim

Woman getting her hair cut at the beauty salon

If your hair is damaged or if you’ve got a lot of split ends, trimming your hair is an instant way to get healthier-looking hair. Not only will it rid you of damaged strands, but it also promotes hair growth. You can also use this as an excuse to sport a new hairstyle this festive season – now that’s a festive hair care tip we can all get behind!

8. Don’t overuse styling tools

Beautiful hair in the process of keratin treatment

While it’s not the styling itself, the heat emitted from these styling tools is detrimental to your hair. The high heat is what alters your hair to look different than its natural state. Although your hair will look great, the heat also damages the hair, drying it out and making it brittle. Over time, your hair loses its strength, causing it to break and get damaged easily. It may not be possible to avoid hair styling tools completely, but extra care should be taken when you do decide to use them.

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