3-Year-Old Boy Mimics Favourite Drummer While Watching Him On TV

The toddler mimics the actions of the drummer he is seeing on television.

Toddlers keep everyone busy in the house by their antics and playfulness. But a video of a three-year-old boy has almost the entire social media hooked. In the video, he is seen playing drums while watching TV, trying to imitate his favourite drummer.

The video has been shared by Jenny Thomas McIntosh on Instagram.

“Drumming prodigy at 3!! Josiah practices daily for hours w/ his fav @dkbernard!! His facial expressions are the best! Love it when he takes a sip of his juice. Just adorable,” reads the caption.

The toddler mimics the actions of the drummer he is seeing on television with two sticks in his hands playing drums on the table, utensils and bottles placed there.

He is even seen taking a juice break and continues playing the drum after that.

The video has received over 11,000 views and more than 800 likes so far. Users have made beautiful remarks seeing the toddler this much passionate about drumming.

“Please get him some drums,” wrote a user.

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While another said, “This is amazing and the juice break is the best part. Do his parents have a page for him? Would love to see more.”

“Mind blowing talent. I pray he keeps this up and we see him do amazing things with it,” commented a third user.

Videos of children’s activities are frequently shared on social media and viewers love to watch them.

A video of a boy giving signal to truckers as they pass by recently went viral on social media. The video showed him feeling overjoyed whenever he received a honk in response from the trucks.

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The video, shared by Tiffany Davenport on Instagram on May 12, has received more than 4 lakh views and over 46,000 likes so far.

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